Minimum Specifications for Garage Door Jambs

It is recommended that both jamb type hardware and jamb type hardware with track be mounted on wood door jambs which comply with the following minimum specifications:

  1. National Forest Products Association, National Design Standards Table 8.1A, Group II or better material (ie. Douglas Fir)
  2. Minimum Specific Gravity of 0.51 (32 lb. per cubic ft.)
  3. Minimum Dressed Size of 1-1/2" x 5-1/2". If the door jambs are not made from wood, follow the manufacturers recommendations for jamb materials.

Safety Containment of Extension Springs

Garage door springs must be equipped with a device capable of restraining the spring (or spring pieces) in the event that it breaks. Usually the springs will include an integral containment device. In the event a spring is not equipped with a containment device, replace the spring with one that is properly equipped.

Spring Design Standard

Garage door extension springs are designed for a minimum cycle life of 9,000 cycles. (One cycle is equal to one door opening and one door closure.)

* NOTE: All of the above are required by law in California as stated in section 312.7 of the California Building Code (Part 2, Title 24, California Code of Regulations).