Lubrication: all pivot points should typically be lubricated monthly.

Door Balance/Spring Adjustment: garage doors should be inspected periodically for proper balance. If the door is electrically operated, the operator should be disconnected per the manufacturer's instructions before testing or adjusting the balance of the door. Springs must be adjusted with the door securely propped in the open position.
  • If the door is hard to pull down or goes up too fast in its upper 3/4 of travel, move the kicker up one hole at a time (both sides) in the master arm until door is balanced.
  • If the door comes down too fast or is hard to lift up in its upper 3/4 of travel, the kicker must be moved down one hole at a time (both sides) in the master arm until the door is balanced.
  • In the lower quarter of travel, the kicker can be adjusted as described in Section X,e.
  • It is the best practice to adjust the springs in the same manner on both sides of the door.

Visual Inspection: The hardware and the door should be inspected regularly for signs of excessive wear, rubbing or binding which can be an indication of damaged or maladjusted hardware.